Hello… long time no blogging, It’s been a while !

Hiya ! … yep it’s me, not been on here for a while, about a year and a half I reckon.img_7573

It’s not you…its me you know, I haven’t been sure for a while where this blog was going, and also I have been getting my head down and getting my career back on track after my redundancy at Spring studios in 2015…. More on that in 2017.

well for those in the know, I have been working at the Biscuiteers baking company since April 2015, (based in my manor of south London)  who are pretty much famous the world over for their hand iced biscuit collections, with concessions in some fine retail outlets.

I Myself am not involved in the biscuit side, but rather the cake side, as they have two marvellous boutiques bakeries in Notting hill and Northcote road, clapham, I supply  & develop ranges of Macarons, tarts, cakes and tray bakes for their cafe options, and have been involved in setting up a pastry team to take this forward, so you can imagine, a lot of stuff to do and no time for blogging my fancies online .

Looking back on some of the posts on here I have not been too sure if this was for me anymore, It all seems a bit all over the place, a few marzipan figures here, some tarts, a bit of gluten-free, some dodgy baking innuendo and really bad iPhone photos, but I have decided to make 2017 the year I give it ago again, some posts I have written will be trashed in a “eww what was I thinking kinda frame of mind’ ..& I will try to restore some order and continuity, probably giving some more time over to Gluten free items and other free from sweet lovelies.

I am removing some of my categories and tidying up the space here… it’s like my 15-year-old selfs bedroom, things I liked for about 5 minutes and the shoved under the bed  or in the sock draw  (in the case of this blog, the side bar)

So anyhow, enough of the babbling, lets see if I can give this another go.. so looking forward to starting “The Cake-Shaker” .2 and seeing where it goes, and If you have any ideas of what you would like to see, or anything you want to find out more about… just drop me a message.

I’ll get a “Happy new year”  in to you all  in early, and see you in 2017.

Heres a few highlights from 2016.



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