Blondie bombshell in a (salty nutshell) White chocolate & salted peanut butter Blondie.

So you have the brownies Right ? .. all gooey and sweet, dark and chocolatey…and er.. Brownie-ish ?

But what about the light side, not the dark ? well don’t panic, if its white chocolate you like, here’s the recipe for you !

Now because white chocolate is quite sweet, I decided to stick my salty nuts in my recipe, ( yes I know, sorry about that, I can’t help myself)

So here’s a blondie recipe using peanut butter, plus salted peanuts… I like that whole contrast between sweet & salty, thats why one of my guilty pleasures is a chocolate digestive with a bit of strong cheddar on.. (trust me, it’s similar) 😉

Leave to cool., cut to desired size ...and scoff ;)

A salty mouthful with a sweet punch, what’s not to love ? 😉

Just like brownies are, you know …well,  brown, blondes get their name from the sandy colour of the final cake, more so with the peanut butter in this case.


A an 8 inch square cake tin

A bowl of water over a saucepan of hot (not boiling water)

stirring spoon or whisk

A separate mixing bowl to mix all together in.


150g white chocolate.

160g butter

200g  crunchy peanut butter

120g soft brown sugar

1oog plain flour

1/2  teaspoon baking powder.

(For gluten-free use 130g gluten-free flour, or 100g fine rice flour + 2 tablespoons of rapeseed oil)

180g salted peanuts.

2 pinches of sea salt.

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon.

4 eggs.


Place a bowl over a pan of hot water (make sure bowl isn’t touching water)

Place the butter, peanut butter and white chocolate in the bowl and leave to melt while stirring, add  2 pinches of sea salt & cinnamon.

When melted take of heat, stir in the sugar, then beat in the eggs, then fold in the flour & baking powder.

Pour into your  tin lined with parchment, then sprinkle over the rest of the nuts.

Bake at 160c (155 fan) for 40-45 minutes, test with a small knife or skewer, if it’s slightly tacky that’s fine, not wet.

Leave to cool.


Click on any image to enlarge.



Add salted or unsalted Cashews for a smokier flavour ( see photo below ), or honey roasted peanuts on top for a totally different flavour, salted Almonds are great too.

Add some dark chocolate chips into the mix ( about 150g ) or top with a dark chocolate ganache (recipe below) to get a “salted snicker bar” type Blondie.

Serve warm with vanilla ice cream or any ice creamy prefer, with warm chocolate sauce (recipe below)


100ml single cream

75g dark chocolate

Teaspoon of golden syrup

Teaspoon of dark cocoa powder

Warm cream in pan with chocolate and syrup, then add cocoa powder until smooth sauce is formed, warm brownie in oven, serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream & the sauce.

Ganache topping.

1ooml single cream

100g dark chocolate

2 teaspoon of honey (or 1 tablespoon of maple syrup)

tablespoon of sunflower or rapeseed oil, or try olive oil for totally different flavour.

Bring cream to the boil,turn down heat add chocolate , stir, then add honey stir in, then slowly add oil.

spread over Blondie and set in fridge.


Same recipe above, but using salted or plain cashews, about 200g sprinkled on top before baking.

Same recipe above, but using salted or plain cashews, about 200g sprinkled on top before baking.


4 thoughts on “Blondie bombshell in a (salty nutshell) White chocolate & salted peanut butter Blondie.

  1. Mark they look delicious , will definitely give it a go when I get home from Steves . Thank you so much x

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Never understood the point of ‘white’ chocolate! Blondies are supposed to taste like butterscotch! Would leave the white part out and add chocolate chips. Like the idea of the nuts though……

    • HI Rachel, Yes I suppose it’s a matter of personal taste. I did try this recipe with and without, I personally liked the one with the white chocolate melted in, I like the flavour you get when white chocolate caramelises, But glad you like the idea with the nuts, any contrast between salt and sweet floats my boat 🙂
      I do have another recipe with white chocolate which uses caster sugar instead of brown, quite different, like a white fudge, nice with macadamia or ground hazelnuts, and of course salted nuts. Though I have another favourite without the white melted in, but added as chips with blackberries. one for late summer I think 🙂

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