Forget Easter eggs ! I give you (with my tongue firmly in my cheek) The creme egg “scotch egg” !

When given a box of these to use up, I decided to rise to the Easter challenge :)

When given a box of these to use up, I decided to rise to the Easter challenge 🙂

Well the other day at work I was given a box of Cadbury’s creme eggs to use up. Now at this time of the year we are over run with them, they are the confectionary equivalent to the tribbles from the early star trek series, they just seem to appear all over the place early in the year, then they vanish until spring comes around again.

They have been around for as long as I can remember…  And I can remember a lot of things ! ie having only 3 TV channels… when all this was fields…and wooly mammoths. ( you get the picture…I’ve been around a awhile )

Anyway, I racked my brains at what I could do with them…A baked cheesecake ?? No, I’ve done the cheesecake bit to death. Cupcakes ?? …nope again, everyone’s doing them, though I like the idea of freezing them and baking them inside a cake like a lot of cake shops are doing.

Then EUREKA ! I know !.. as a pastry chef I feel a bit left out of some of the foodie fads that come and go sometimes..Yes I can make a pork pie if I wanted, or a fabulous pasty filled with all kinds of exoticness. And I do my bit with the burger craze by making the buns. But what about the scotch egg thing that’s all the rage these days ? Don’t get me wrong I LOVE a scotch egg me. Ones with duck eggs, ones with a salmon filling, ones with black pudding spotted through them, they will ALL do nicely thank you very much.

Best served cut with a knife steeped in hot water.

A scotch egg creme egg.. really ?

But what about A CREME EGG SCOTCH EGG !

I had a bit of a “google” online and could only find one, & it was wrapped in a peanut butter coating. Now I like a peanut butter dollop myself, but that sounded like your teeth would fall out if you walked within 10 feet of one. Creme eggs are sugary enough…in fact they’re nothing but sugar to be honest.

So this is what I came up with – The outside is a mix with cake crumbs with cream cheese, egg yolk, flour and raspberries. Then the crumb coating is ground hazel nuts, bread crumbs, crushed ginger nut cookies, brown sugar, and a bit of cinnamon.

I added a lot of flavours.. as to be honest, creme eggs don’t really taste of much, you’re to busy having your brains and taste buds blown out by the full force of the sugary fondant to worry about flavour.

I then experimented with cooking, I fried one.. BIG mistake ! it was like something a baby might leave in its nappy after its first vindaloo washed down with a Guinness,  so I quickly walked away from that one.

I baked it in the end and it was ok I think, didn’t look as neat as a real life eggy scotch egg, but close enough.

I am not trying to be clever here by the way and all “Heston” …. this is just for a laugh with my tongue firmly in my cheek, but it was fun and didn’t taste to bad, and that’s ok by me, and what it should be all about sometimes.

Go on, have a go, it will confound your friends…see if you can come up with a better formula, you don’t have to use the ginger cookies or hazelnuts, try your own nut/cookie combo.

I think I will serve these for a bit of fun in the restaurant nearer easter, it should raise a smile if anything. Maybe served warm with some sort of ice cream, ( keep an eye out, my next post might be “The cake-shaker gets his P45” ) 😉


A bowl


Cadbury’s creme eggs that have been frozen over night.

An oven pre-heated to 175-180c

A sense of humour.

INGREDIENTS: –  filling ( makes two to three )

2 frozen creme eggs.

About 150g – 200g cake crumbs (about the same as two cupcake bases)

1/2 a dessert spoon of cream cheese

1 egg yolk

50g fresh raspberries

40g plain flour


Place all ingredients in a bowl

Bring together to from a firm pastry like paste, if it feels to tacky or wet just add a bit more flour.

Chill for half an hour in the fridge.


3 ginger nut biscuits, crushed

100g ground hazelnuts

50g soft brown sugar

1 teaspoon cinnamon

50g of bread crumbs


mix together or whizz for 30 seconds in a food processor to form a fine crumb.


flatten a disc of the paste on some cling film, about twice the diameter of the egg.

place frozen egg in middle and envelope in paste.

Mould around egg until you have an even ball, chill for 5 minutes

Roll the ball in the coating until its evenly covered.

Place on a tray and bake in a hot oven ( around 175-180c ) for 4-5 minutes.

leave to cool for a couple of minutes and serve warm, with cream or ice cream, or chill in fridge to serve later cold.


click on any image to enlarge.

Alternative: Mini cream egg truffles

Mix two chocolate cup cake or any cake crumb with 80g melted chocolate & two tablespoons of cream cheese (add a sneaky drop of a liqueur of your choice to spice it up if you like)

Bring all the truffle mice together to form a paste, chill for an hour.

Mould truffle around some mini creme eggs, leave to set.

Melt some more chocolate to roll truffles in, then roll in crushed ginger nut biscuits crumbs…Mini  truffle “scotch eggs” 🙂

Mini creme egg truffles, an alternative to the larger one above.

Mini creme egg truffles, an alternative to the larger one above.










© The Cake-Shaker 2014


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