Haunted Meringues, blood clot sauce & ectoplasm (s)cream…yep its that time of year again, its a halloween screech treat !

Boo ! BLEURGHH !! WHOOO !!!  ( etc etc etc )

Boo ! BLEURGHH !! WHOOO !!! ( etc etc etc )

Well Haunted meringues…who knew ! I first made these about 5 years ago for a display, then I forgot about them. Then when I started at the studios I wanted to get grizly with it Halloween style so resurrected these ghoul shape meringues. this time I added a raspberry dipping compote (blood clot sauce) & whipped Ectoplasm (s)cream for this spookiest of  nights…go on, I know it’s a stretch of the imagination but it is Halloween ! its made for imagination stretching ! The recipe is quite simple, a simple meringue piped into ghost shapes, a raspberry compote and cream, put them all together and it makes a great fun dessert for a party…you can add the undead gingerbread men or some Halloween  cupcakes if you like  *blatant plugs for other posts* What ever you do for halloween…just remember, it’s the only time of year you can make everything horrible 😉



A clean grease free bowl & whisk

A tray lined with baking parchment

Black food colour paste

Green food colour

An oven at 110c ( or 90-100c for convection ovens )



6 medium egg whites (approx 250-300ml if using carton egg white)

375g Caster sugar

1 teaspoon white wine vineger

2 Teaspoons cornflour


Whisk whites in bowl until they start to stiffen.

Add half the sugar and whisk until incorporated

Add the rest and give a quick whisk

Meringue should be stiff and glossy and have slightly droopy peaks when lifted out of bowl on whisk.

Take a spoonful out and colour black, put to one side.

With a 10mm round piping nozzle pipe out ghost shapes on to tray lined with baking parchment , then pipe on eyes and mouth with black icing with a small tube or parchment cone with a small hole cut at the end ( see method gallery for design )

Place in oven and leave to dry..roughly 1.5 – 2 hours.

Alternatively you can put them in an oven at 60-70c and leave overnight ( I would only recommend this with an electric oven though)


500g frozen raspberries

200g castor sugar

juice of 1/2 an orange

2 tablespoons cornflour dissolved in small amount of water.


Place raspberries, juice and sugar in bowl, gently stir when heating now and again

when boiling has been reached add cornflour and stir until thick.

Take off heat and cool.



400ml double cream

100g sugar

Vanilla essence to taste.

Green food colour

Whip cream with sugar and vanilla & colour until thick.


Arrange meringues in bowl ( or cauldron if you have one ) 😉

Serve with cream and compote.

There you have it – Haunted meringues with blood clot sauce, and ectoplasm (s)cream

Have a go …see what designs you can come up with 🙂

© The cake-shaker 2012


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