On my bookshelf- Border Inspirations 1 by Ceri Dz…Reminding me of skills I had forgotten but with a modern twist.

This little book is packed with brilliant touches to lift those borders and edges.

When I was fresh to the world of cake decorating and design this is the book I wish I had when designers block hit me.

This book is intended to spark inspiration in the enthusiast, to support cake decorators at consultations with clients and to be a set of borders for students to practice and develop further.

Ceri D.

Designed and written by Ceri DD Griffiths

Ceri Dz artistry & design ltd

Published 2011

PRICE: £6.50 P&P free from Ceri’s website  (Orders only from Uk, Ireland & Europe)

Now writing these posts about books that have inspired me has been harder than I thought, Lack of time and where to start being a few drawbacks.
I have had this little book for over a year now and have been meaning to write a review for ages, so here at last it is.

I have become friendly with the author via twitter, Ceri is what is known as a cake artists, these are people who have taken cake design to the next level to produce what are in effect sculptures, where as a pastry chef it is the smallest part of my work load, I did train originally as a cake decorator as a bakery student, back in the midst of the 1980’s ( I am suprised I could see what I was doing  in those classes through the droopy fringe of my highlighted mullet )

Each page shows a different way to highlight your border piping, Ceri uses bold colours to illustrate more clearly and enhance definition

I did work for a while between 2010 & 2011 as creative designer at Love bakery on the kings road, where we mainly designed fun cakes using simple cut outs and sugar paste models to decorate cupcakes and bespoke celebration cakes, but I never really ventured back into the world of pastillage, wired flowers and royal icing run outs, and just used basic bulb or shell piping for the borders.

A lot of my designs I make for displays at spring studios are just for fun, and due to pressure on time are quite cartoony in appearance, but now I have started to return to my roots & want to re-define my work as it was back in the day but updated & books like Ceri’s are great for reference .

In my first 10 years as a pastry chef I did work in a lot of the above mentioned mediums and make a lot of wedding cakes (so long ago in fact I have no digital photographs, so need to get scanning )

I have been inspired by many people on twitter who are true cake artists, Ceri Dz being one, and his work takes me back to when I was taught piped icing, which he has bought slap bang into the 21st century.

The book is a nice size and will fit in many a cake decorators tool box, The photographs show up all the minute details of how Ceri has taken a simple piped border and lifted it to the next level.

Now I am now venturing back into the world of more refined designs I have found this book very helpful in sparking my imagination, I have already ordered book 2 🙂

Here you can see how easy it is to highlight simple shell piping.

The book contains a few examples of ceri’s amazing designs


© The cake-shaker


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