Not just any old chocolate easter eggs…but marvelous marzipan & chocolate easter eggs..oh yeah !

The original eggs I
made in half-shell design, making heads, arms & feet out of

Ah easter eggs…dontcha love them !
They’ve been going for  thousands of years in some form
or another, in the middle east & Europe- in  pre
christian religions, & THEN adopted by christians…though
not always in chocolate form I have to say,  mostly painted eggs
until chocolate came over the horizon 🙂

I like the idea they are
connected to the Anglo saxon pagan goddess Eostre..Eggs being a
symbol of new life etc etc,  & her  bringing spring and
general rumpy to the animal kingdom…the sort of goddess you could invite to a dinner party. Also it’s hares not bunnies that were connected to eggs..Because of the nests hares rear their young in, apparently…confusing the old pagans a bit.

Sorry I rambled there…lets get to the serious business of these easter eggs with a difference.

Anyway, SOOOO a  few years ago when I worked at
marsh & Maclennan as Pastry chef in their fine dining and
staff restaurant, I was shown by the group executive head chef,
Omero Gallucci how to make these easter eggs, he was shown years
before how to make them, by I think he said an Austrian chef
( my memory these days is shocking ). Now it would make sense
if he was Austrian, the Marzipan/ chocolate combo sounds very
Austrian…and indeed German for that matter, they have a tradition
of marrying these two flavours.

Anyhoooo I digress, Omero told me
this chef made these eggs in a half shell with a chocolate plaque
back and made animals out of them, so I came up with my own
designs…even as a little boat.

This year I used them in a cake
design…I made a whole egg and turned it into a house, and a half
shell and made a boat. You may notice  I used the “hoppit the manic bunny” figure from
this blog. The beauty of this method ….even though it’s a bit
more time-consuming, it’s not so fragile, it has endless design,
colour and flavour possibilities, & there is no need for
fussy tempering of the chocolate to make sure its glossy as its
just used for brushing, just don’t overheat the chocolate when
melting. You can fill them with sweets or mini eggs..or just use
whole. How very eggs-citing….( I know I know, I won’t give up the
day job)

All you need is the following A small- medium chocolate
egg mold, you can get these for only a few pounds online, I
recommend the Home chocolate factory, but you can
get a lot on ebay or just google, so many sites are selling them.
Ingredients 350g of marzipan, coloured to your preferred colour
300g melted dark chocolate some icing sugar to dust your mold.
( I have included a tip on how to make sugar paste daffodils you
can use for decoration)

© The cake-shaker 2012


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