Books that have inspired me #2 Breakfast Lunch Tea- The Rose bakery

Its plain and simple cover hides the marvelous delights inside.

“I am  not a trained chef. Everything I have achieved has been a result of learning from other chefs, responding to customers desires, reading lots, and most of all, Knowing so strongly what I want from foods….their intrinsic health benefits, their taste and look, and ultimately, my choice of some foods and rejection of others”.

– Rose Carrarini, Co founder of Rose bakery  

Published BY- Phaidon in 2006

Found- still in most bookshops, but mainly on Amazon

COST- RRP £19.99 but can be found new online at around £11-£15.00  

EASE OF RECIPES – Relatively easy to make and also to adapt recipes and add your own twist


This book came to my notice not long after I started at Spring studios in 2007. at the time, previously the main bulk of my work was based in fine dining in the city-it was all about clean lines, fusion and small sizes. Now the then head chef at spring wanted a more rustic look along the lines of St Johns restaurant in London & the star inn in Yorkshire, & this book was what inspired me in that direction…and continues to do so to this day.

You are taken on a journey through a day in the bakery…as the book says, through breakfast, lunch & tea

Loving the brilliantly simple ideas like this Boiled egg, soldiers & Marmite.

You also get to learn about how Rose Carrarini & her French husband Jean-Charles, went from running a knitwear company to opening the much acclaimed Villandry deli in London in 1988, to finally opening the bakery in Paris, taking an anglo/ french twist to the Parisian community. I have been lucky to have been there myself a few years after acquiring the book, and got stupidly star struck by their pink fridge featured in the book, I hung around the counter like a stalker and was suprised the Gendarmes weren’t called to haul me away !

Rose doesn’t hide the fact she wasn’t a trained chef, and tells of her journey and the people she met along the way. You get to meet her suppliers, from paris to the kent countryside, her staff and some of the customers.

Carrot cake- one of the many recipes I’ve tried & loved.

It’s an engaging book, and the bakery is just as it is written as I have seen from personnel experience. Learn how to make your own delicious muesli, sweet & savoury tarts, lovely lunchtime salads, & even a cake with florets of broccoli through the middle ! My favourite recipe is the carrot cake…lovely dense and moist….also it was nice to see how messy their pastry chefs section was, so I knew I wasnt the only one 😉

A rose bakery inspired display I created for a photo shoot a few years ago

Comes Highly recommended by Rhoda 😉

© The cake-shaker 2012


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