Giant cupcake “toadstool” cakes..a different way to use your tin…or funky fungi ;)

The giant cupcake tin…shop around online, you can get some good deals !

When I worked at Love bakery I was introduced to the Giant cupcake tin… and was hooked ! And since then I have made many of my own and I have been experimenting with different designs and presentations.

Now years ago when I was a bakery student, in my first year, we were shown how to make Toadstool novelty cakes for children.

There was a lot of cutting out of sponge and it was a messy but fun experience…a bit of a palava if you like.

So skip forward 25 years and I was making a giant cupcake, then it suddenly dawned on me that if you turn the base of the cupcake up side down and put the top on you get a “mushroom” shape…a much easier and less wasteful way to make the toadstool, so as usual I went to town on it and made different variations, a cottage type one, a Christmas one….and my favourite…a Halloween one !

Now I don’t claim to have invented this, and I am sure there a few people out there who have come up with the same idea ;).

I have decided to share one of these with favourite one, the Halloween toadstool, so click on my “Halloween Toadstool cake or Toad ghoul if you like “ blog & have a go your self 🙂

© The cake-shaker


2 thoughts on “Giant cupcake “toadstool” cakes..a different way to use your tin…or funky fungi ;)

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