Mustn’t grumble we all love crumble !- Pear & blackberry crumble tart

A big slice of fruity comfort

We all love a bit of crumble…especially as the summer gives way to Autumn as it is doing as I write this blog. Most of us will have memories as kids of it being served with school dinners with lumpy custard, or helping our mums rub the mix together, getting it ready for sunday lunch pudding.

There are a lot of Crumble tarts like this one, and they are very popular in Germany and Austria, where the topping is known as a Streusal, but its pretty much the same  as what we know as a crumble topping.

In this recipe I have added oats to give it a more crunchy texture, & I have used a method that might seem strange , where you add the butter melted, this makes little crunchy balls in the crumble, & was shown to me by a head chef I worked under when I was pastry chef  at the BA headquarters, waterside, near Heathrow in the late 1990’s & I still use it today.

So have a bash..its easy as pie….or tart in this case. Its lovely served with cream or a nice jug of custard…even better warm with a nice big scoop of ice cream 🙂


An 8″ tart ring

A baking tray lined with baking parchment

A nice roast lunch to serve it after 😉

INGREDIENTS – pastry shell

500g plain flour

200g unsalted butter

200g caster sugar

pinch of cinnamon.

2 eggs

METHOD – pastry

Rub the flour cinnamon sugar and butter together until a crumble is formed.

Add eggs ( don’t worry if it seems a bit wet) wrap in clingfilm and place in fridge for a couple of hours.


250g plain flour

150g butter

150g caster sugar

100g rolled porridge oats

pinch of cinnamon and ginger.

METHOD- crumble

Melt butter and place to one side to cool.

place flour sugar oats and spices in bowl.

pour in butter and mix together until all butter is mixed in.

place to one side.


Four ripe dessert pears

300g fresh or frozen ( defrosted) blackberries.

100g caster sugar

1 tablespoon cornflour

1 tsp of cinnamon.

METHOD- Filling

peel and chop pears ( no smaller the 2cm pieces)

Place in bowl with sugar cinnamon, cornflour & berries and gently mix together.

YOU WILL ALSO NEED- a beaten egg for brushing on base & some brown sugar to sprinkle on top of crumble.

Now follow the method gallery to put it all together.

© The cake-shaker 2011


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