Don’t be a fool, make a “jeweled” Elderflower jelly & gooseberry fool ;)

Summer in a glass

I’m Pretty much covering a lot of my favourite flavours in the blog this summer…now heres two in one dessert ! A light Elderflower jelly studded with jewel like redcurrants topped with a creamy custardy fool made with summer gooseberries ( I have been waiting to use the word “custardy” for a while )

Both fruits are sharp, I love the look of the redcurrants, to me they ARE the jewels of the english summer, & gooseberries such an old favourite, their tartness gets worn away by the creamy fool allowing the flavour to come through. ( I’ve wanted to use the word “creamy for a while too.)

It’s a bit of a faff to make as you have to set the jelly in two halves so the currants are suspended, but it’s worth it, its worth making the jelly and gooseberry compote the day before you are going to serve the dessert, you can put it together on the day.

You will notice I have used ready-made custard..I like the flavour of them to be honest ( guilty pleasure ) and its nice and quick & saves time, but you can make your own if you wish.


Four Deep clear wine glasses

British summer gems 🙂

A bit of patience

A BBQ & friends to serve with

INGREDIENTS: ( makes 4, possibly 5 at a push with less jelly  in each or smaller glasses)


200ml good quality Elderflower cordial

100g castor sugar

500ml water

6 Leaves of  Dr Oetker  or super cook Leaf gelatine


Gooseberry compote-

350g or 1 punnet of fresh gooseberries ( red if you can but green or frozen will do)

150ml water

200g castor sugar

1/2 tsp of ground ginger

Fool base-

250ml double cream

400ml ready-made bought custard ( I like the Ambrosia one personally )


Follow the method gallery-I advise you make the jelly and compote first then put the fool together the next day and serve.

( click on an image to enlarge )

© The cake-shaker 2011


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