Two for the price of one ! Arctic swiss roll & Frozen strawberry yogurt lollies..a cool bargain ;) !

At last summer seems to have come back and paid us a visit at the time of writing this post. We  had a rotten run of weather in July & I haven’t really been feeling in the right mood for frozen desserts.

But today, the 1st day of August  is bathed in lovely sunshine & I started getting my frozen dessert mojo back and decided to blog two for the price of one 🙂

Frozen Nostalgia in a roll ;)

Frozen Nostalgia in a roll !

A surprisingly healthy way to chill out  ;)

A surprisingly healthy way to chill out 😉

The first one is my version of an old classic that is the arctic roll, a roll of sponge lined with jam  filled with vanilla ice cream that was first made in the uk in the 1950’s. It was normaly bought from a frozen food store called Bejams  in my family’s case, which was everywhere in the 1970’s & 80’s, but now long gone as it was bought out by Iceland which now rules the high street where  frozen desserts are concerned today. You can still buy it now, but I think there is more pleasure in making your own. This dessert brings fond memories of Sunday tea time as a kid….I wasn’t even swayed by the pretender to the ice cream dessert throne that was the vienetta, too fussy for my liking, & with its chocolate ruffles & pretentious ways seemed to look down on the simplicity of the arctic roll.

My version is similar but made like a swiss roll, it’s very messy to make ….but we like messy us cake-shakers don’t we ? 😉

When I make it at work I use my own ice cream, but I’ve suggested you use shop bought ice cream just to make it a quicker recipe and easier for those who haven’t got an ice cream machine, but if you have a machine  and you have a fab vanilla ice cream recipe you can use that instead.

For the Arctic roll you will need –

Sponge recipe for swiss roll ( click here) Leave out the fruit and cream etc you just need the sponge.

1 tub of nice quality vanilla ice cream

some jam


1/ Make the sponge as directed in the recipe, leave to cool, then turn out onto baking parchment with castor sugar scattered over it.

2/ Spread over some raspberry jam

3/ now for the messy bit ! soften your ice cream by beating for a short time in a bowl, then quickly spread over jam covered sponge.

4/ Immediately roll up like a swiss roll, keeping it in the parchment  & place quickly in the freezer and leave for a good couple of hours or until you want to serve it, it will keep for a good few weeks. ( this will be messy but the licking of fingers is allowed as a reward 😉

Serving suggestions –

Serve with some nice berries or a raspberry sauce made by blitzing a punnet of raspberries with 100g of icing sugar in a blender or food processor .

Spread the sponge with jam, then with the soften ice cream, QUICKLY ! 😉

When frozen leave for at least 24 hours for best results, then slice with a knife dipped in hot water for a clean cut

Roll up like a swiss roll, keeping it in the parchment & freeze immediately !

Lovely served with fresh berries and a nice raspberry sauce 🙂


This second frozen dessert is easy as you like, its just shop bought frozen yogurt and chopped strawberries, you can use low fat/sugar  yogurt if you like to make it super healthy…great for the kids 🙂

You can buy the Ice lolly moulds in most high street retailers that sell kitchen equipment, and even more easily on line, they are pretty cheap too and can be used again and again.

You will need –

An ice lolly mould set

Room in your freezer 🙂


1 tub of strawberry yogurt ( low-fat if you prefer..or pull out all the stops and get a luxury full fat one)

Some fresh strawberries


Fill the moulds half way with the yogurt

chop up the strawberries and place on top of yogurt

fill to the top with more yogurt, place lid on and insert sticks and freeze for a good 12 hours at least.

Your full lolly kit, moulds, sticks, strawberries & yogurt

Why not go half and half and make some with just fruit juice for those who want something lighter (great for BBQ’s too)

Fill halfway with Yogurt, then place in chopped fruit, top with more yogurt and freeze

Nice for kids and big kids a like 😉

© the cake-shaker 2011


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