Fancy marvelous morning muffins ? and easy ones at that too ;)

Nothing like a batch of muffins to warm you up :)

Nothing like a batch of muffins to warm you up ๐Ÿ™‚

At that time of writing this post…during what is meant to be the hot sunny month of July, it’s absolutely piddling down outside so didn’t feel in the mood for writing a nice summery post, & definitely didn’t want to start on the winter stuff just yet !

So I settled on my muffin recipe…what better start to the day then with a nice warm Muffin, well I suppose you can have them anytime of the day really & this recipe is quick and simple and you can add whatever you want…. In the summer you can add some of the plump summer berries that are around in abundance, in the Autumn apple and cinnamon, & in the winter warming spices like ginger with pear, and all year round you can have Chocolate chip as far I am concerned ( love a bit of choc does me )

Muffins come under the family of “quick breads” which is an American term & includes cakes like banana bread and ginger bread, American pancakes & scones, it basically means the main raising agent is a chemical agent like Baking soda or powder, it’s this that makes this a quick recipe to make…you just have the dry ingredients in one bowl and the wet in another, then stir together until all ingredients are incorporated.

I started using this recipe when I worked for a large corporate insurance firm in the city in London, to sell in the Deli bar in the buildings staff restaurant, I needed something quick and easy that tasted great, I used to have dry ingredients already together in a bowl and all the wet in a jug in the fridge over night, so when I arrived at work at an ungodly hour in the morning I just mixed the two together and it was done, ready for breakfast service. Over the years I have played around with it until I got it just right. The most important thing to remember is not to UNDER fill the muffin cases, you want them to rise above the case nice and proud the classic muffin way ( not the funny domed disc generic type you get in most high street coffee places )

Also this recipe contains no fats like butter or margarine and you can use skimmed milk if you want a healthier option. Try to use a subtle vegetable oil like sunflower, not a strong flavoured one like olive as this will overpower any flavourings.

My favourite flavours are Chocolate chip or any made with berries which I have chosen for this recipe. You can split the batter when you have made it and make one of each.

You can use frozen berries, but use straight from frozen in the batter or they go to mushy when cooked.

These muffins are lovely served warm or can be kept for a couple of days in an air tight container, where they will go slightly moist and sticky and be just as marvelous

So have a go and enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


A 12 pan muffin tray

12 Medium muffin cases

A bowl and hand whisk or spoon ( a machine is not required for this recipe )

An oven pre-heated to 180c

A nice steaming pot of coffee and tea to serve with.


500g Plain flour

150g castor sugar

4 tsp of baking powder

1tsp ground cinnamon

2 teaspoons vanilla essence

2 medium eggs

200ml veg oil ( I recommend sunflower )

250ml milk ( you can use semi or skimmed to make skinny muffins if you like)

For the Raspberry Muffins-

1 Punnet ( 250g)

For the chocolate chip-

300g dark chocolate chips, or chocolate broken up into chips


follow the step by step picture guide , click on any image to enlarge.

Alternative flavours –

Apple and cinnamon

Peel and grate 1 apple and add an extra half teaspoon of cinnamon and leave out the vanilla essence. sprinkle crunchy Demerara sugar on top before they go in the oven.


Pear & ginger

peel and grate 1 pear, add 1/2 teaspoon of ginger and 50 g of chopped candied ginger leave out cinnamon and vanilla.


Banana & maple syrup

Add a banana chopped up into small chunks ( do not mash) drizzle with maple syrup when they come out of the oven.


Lemon curd and pine nut.

Add 1/2 the zest of a lemon finely grated. make batter as above and fill cases. Place a good teaspoon of Lemon curd on top of batter in centre, then sprinkle with pine nuts and bake.


ยฉ The cake-shaker 2011


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