Rich Dark Chocolate cake…you know you want it !

As chocolate cakes should be, rich dark and gooey 🙂

I have finally  bowed to pressure and got my act together to post a chocolate cake recipe- it’s my most requested recipe.  I have used this recipe so many times over the years and it’s a bit fussy to make:  you need to set the frosting slightly before you use it and, as always, I advise making the sponge at least the day before, mainly as it is quite hard to work the with a fresh out the oven sponge, as the crumb is dry and crumbly soon after it comes out the oven. If you leave it at least 24 hours it regains some of its moisture and the crumb is settled and you don’t have crumbs coming off when you cut it or flaking off into the frosting when you cover it. It’s well-known amongst bakers and pastry chefs, specially ones as long in the tooth as me ;). When I took my advanced city & guilds pastry exam back in the early 90’s, you were allowed to have a sponge base prepared in advance as it was easier to work with.

Anyhow, I’m digressing, back to the recipe. The sponge base is pretty basic- you can use it like I have in this recipe, or use the base as a general sponge base for a birthday cake, or even just bake it in a baking dish. You can use the chocolate coating that goes along with this recipe as a chocolate sauce- just add an extra 100ml’s of cream & make as instructed and you’ll have a warm chocolate sauce & voila, one chocolate pudding.

I have made a lot of birthday cakes using this recipe, and even a three-tier  cake for two friends civil partnership completely covered in gooey ganache and gold leaf …marvelously sticky & messy ( Make your own wedding night jokes yourself)

It’s quite a rich recipe and the frosting and garnish do use a lot of chocolate, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to treat yourself now and again. You will get 12 large portions out of this recipe, so enough to go around :).

So have a go and see how you get on….& remember no licking fingers, unless you’re licking someone elses 😉


An oven pre-heated to 160c

A 9″ round cake tin lined and greased.

A saucepan and heat proof bowl.

Palette knife.

Baking parchment, not greaseproof, it absorbs water and wrinkles

Follow the recipe and  method gallery below..good luck and have messy chocolaty fun 😉


250g unsalted butter

I have even used this exact recipe to make a three tier chocolate wedding cake for friends, adding gold leaf for extra sparkle.

250g castor sugar

4 medium eggs

4 Teaspoons milk.

200g plain flour

1 tsp baking powder

50g cocoa powder (extra dark is preferable)


500g dark chocolate

300ml double cream

100g butter


200g dark chocolate

100g white chocolate

Raspberries (optional)

Raspberry jam for filling (you can use what ever jam takes your fancy though)

METHOD GALLERY: ( click on any picture to enlarge)

© The cake-shaker 2011


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