Hop it the Bunny, the manic looking sugar paste Bunny

Hop it, the bunny use the basic method of how to make this figure & vary it any colour to your own design

When I was working at love bakery I had to come up with designs and figures for cakes that were quick to do but cute to look at, especially when you could find yourself having to decorate at least 6 cakes in one day, which happened now and again.

One of the most popular figures asked for was  a bunny, so I came up with this one…and seeing as it’s near easter I thought there might be a few people out there who want to have a bash at making one, your very own edible easter bunny 🙂

For some reason my figures appear to have a bit of a comical manic expression, due to the fact, that back in the day one of my cake decorator lecturers drummed into me that the eyes should never  stare straight ahead as “they look dead”…cant have that can we 😉

So follow the gallery below, & have a go, you can use any colour scheme, you don’t have to do exactly as I do 😉


A good work surface, a chopping board will do.

Craft tools, failing that the end of a small artist brush or pen will do.

A dish of water and brush to help stick the pieces together.

Four of the following coloured balls of  sugar paste

large brown ball of brown or chestnut enough for body, ears,feet arms and head.

Some pink for the inner ears, feet pads, and nose,

White for the tail, cheeks and eyes

Small amount of black for the pupils.


© The cake-shaker 2011


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