Creamy dreamy baked rhubarb and vanilla custard tart

Served with a dollop of fresh cream or creme fraiche, this tart is lovely !

Right I said I would be posting a rhubarb recipe using the roasted rhubarb recipe I posted earlier. So I hope you were paying attention and have a nice jar of rhubarb in your fridge and ready for use.

I have based this recipe on one I found in a French patisserie book which was for a deep filled rhubarb & custard tart….now I like a deep filling like the next person 😉 but decided to adapt it for a smaller shallow tart and have made it a tad richer to compensate, almost like a brulee !


An 8 inch tart ring

A blow torch ( optional )

An oven pre-heated to 160c

Ingredients pastry case :   make and chill in fridge at least an hour in advance)

500g plain flour

200g unsalted butter

200g caster sugar

pinch of cinnamon.

2 eggs

Ingredients Filling

300g rhubarb roasted as in recipe on this blog, drained

350 ml double cream

80g caster sugr

3 eggs + 1 yolk

1 vanilla pod with the seeds scraped out

pinch of nutmeg

50g of icing sugar for dusting

METHOD GALLERY: ( click on image for larger picture)

© The cake-shaker 2011


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