Paper roses-no ! Sugar paste roses..oh yes !

Roses from sugar paste, can be what ever colour and size you want them to be, there are no rules as far as  I am concerned.

One of the first decorations I was taught on my college cake decorating classes back in the mid 80’s was how to make roses. We used marzipan first and then went onto petal paste, which is a special paste made with gum tragacanth which makes it set like porcelain. This is still used today for wired flowers on wedding cakes or other celebration cakes- its quite time consuming but rewarding. But what if you want a floral decoration thats a doesn’t take so long and doesn’t require the expertise and skill of wired petal paste flowers ? Well here’s a solution using good old sugar paste: found in most supermarkets everywhere, its the same roll on icing you have probably used to cover a cake and is ideal to make these flowers.

“Roses are a bit old lady,” I hear you say, well I disagree. With a few touch ups and a bit of glitter you can funk them up and make them a bit more glamourous, and don’t let nature dictate the colour, you can use which ever you like. Also I tend to make them less uniform- I don’t like each rose looking exactly the same. I prefer a natural, more flowing look.

You don’t need any special equipment, just a plastic bag and some coloured sugar paste and a little bit of icing sugar to dust the paste if it starts sticking……cheap as chips see 😉

So follow the Gallery and instructions that follows and let the roses grow on you.

First choose your colour.

© The cake-shaker 2011


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