Panettone bread & butter pudding with chocolate chunks & Orange…Nice !

Panattoni, much gifted and mainly neglected but is lovely with coffee or a glass of Amaretto, or made into this gorgeous pudding ;)

Panettone- often gifted but sadly neglected but is great with coffee or as a marvelous pudding

Its into the new year & the christmas tree has been put away for another year, the cards are in the recycling bag & those strange gifts people bought you from from the local supermarket gift range that they thought was funny at the time and thought you would appreciate, have been packed away in a carrier bag marked “charity shop” or *next years stocking fillers” ( i.e. a muppet back scratcher, or a plastic reindeer that passes chocolate raisins out of its bottom, *sighs*)

But one thing people might find left over is a Panettone, which people often buy you but you never buy yourself.

A Panettone is a traditional Italian sweet bread (from Milan originaly ) which is a traditional staple in Italy at Christmas and new year , and has been over here for awhile. It is  usually studded with grappa soaked fruits and is a favourite of mine. They come in marvelous boxes or bagged up & tied with ribbon, but are normally neglected by people and stuffed at the back of a cupboard until found well past its sell by date and then put out for the birds.

But not in our house. We were fortunate to have a lovely one bought for us by friends this year and as well as being served up toasted & buttered, with a sprinkle of cinnamon, with a nice italian coffee, you can make a very naughty bread & butter pudding 🙂

So here’s my recipe …if you have one of these delightful breads give it ago, if not you can use this recipe using ordinary crusty white bread  or even brioche with a sprinkling of brandy soaked raisins.

enjoy 😉

This recipe will make enough for a large deep 12-14  rectangular dish enough for 10 people to get a nice big portion each.


A large deep baking dish

A hand whisk

A nice glass of your favourite italian red wine

Ennio Morricone playing in the background

An invite to a dinner party so you can take it a long and become the star of the show 🙂


for the egg custard-

6 medium eggs + 1 yolk

500ml single cream

500ml full fat milk

180g castor sugar

1 Vanilla pod or 3 teaspoons vanilla essence

The rest-

200g melted butter

2oog castor sugar

300g dark chocolate broken into pieces or chocolate buttons

zest and juice of 1 large orange

And most importantly your Panattone.


First of all pre-heat your oven too 180c


Instead of icing sugar this dish is also nice brushed with Apricot jam heated up in a pan…or even better some tangy orange Marmalade !

Its best eaten hot or can be served cold like a cake if you wish; I prefer it warm with creme fraiche but goes with most things like vanilla ice cream or even fresh cream whipped with a bit of Amaretto whisked in…lovely 🙂

© The cake-shaker 2011

Its best served with friends, loads of wine, and plenty of tunes blaring out of the ipod dock


10 thoughts on “Panettone bread & butter pudding with chocolate chunks & Orange…Nice !

  1. Have just made this today. What a success, tasted fabulous will must defo be making this again. Cracking receipe Mark

  2. Thanks for the recipe. Am making it tomorrow for 20! Going to use hot cross buns as it’s easter 🙂 Will let you know how it goes.

    • Excellent, let me know how you get on, funnily enough i am about to post a blog about easter, and recipes you can use from this blog…and that was one of them. I make hot cross bun bread and butter pudding every year out of ones i have left…and its rather nice 🙂
      thank you for your comment

      Mark the cake-shaker x

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    • Hi Emma, when I made this pudding I used half a large panettone, so you could easily use a medium..not to sure what their actual weight was. The recipe was just to use up a panettone that you might have hanging around.
      Hope it turns out well, let me know how you get on 🙂


    • Well spotted, i didn’t noticed i left out those instructions :/
      The cream is added to the milk and boiled together…have now adjusted.

      Thanks, let me know how you get on 🙂


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