Royal Icing- the Cake-shakers friend and glue

Heres a quick one for you, a basic recipe for royal icing. Its that icing that cake decorators ( like me) used to shovel on fruit cakes years ago be it for weddings or birthdays that used to set rock hard, but its useful for a lot of things like writing, sticking things together & creating marvelous cake decorating  effects.

So heres how to make it, keep this recipe in mind as it’s going to pop up on various items in this blog in the future.


A clean  grease-free mixing bowl and a  whisk or beater

Hot soapy water and a sponge for later as the icing sugar gets everywhere if you put your machine on a high speed to soon.


3 egg whites (at room temperature)

500g icing sugar

1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice (this stops icing setting like cement)


Whisk your egg whites for 30 seconds to loosen them up.

Add half your Icing sugar and beat slowly at first, add lemon juice then add the other half and continue beating on a slow speed for 3 minutes.

Its ready when it has formed stiff peaks after a good period of beating. If its runny add a bit more sugar, if too thick add a few drops more of egg white.

Tips- To store keep covered in an air tight container, it will keep for 2 days maximum, do not store in fridge !

This recipe is really best used on the day you make it.

To get it really white add a tiny drop of blue food colouring, that bluey white thing the washing powders advertise, well there is something in it, my cake decorating lecturers always recommend this tip to get really white icing.

To use icing for writing colour it the desired colour, then thin it down with a tiny drop of water so it flows easily.

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4 thoughts on “Royal Icing- the Cake-shakers friend and glue

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