Christmas sugar paste figures – frosting the snowman, baubles the penguin and a tree

Its that time of year when you are deciding what to decorate your cakes with, well here are a few figures that are easy to make for you to try with not too much effort.

They are made of sugar paste, also known as roll on icing or regalice, you can get it in any supermarket and isn’t hard to get hold off.

You can use theses figures on cakes or with gingerbread houses or just have them on their own. So have a go and see what you uses you can come up with 🙂 click here for royal icing recipe

NOTE – only use glitter if items are not to be eaten and are used for decoration only.

Roll out to balls of white sugar paste, making one smaller then the other

Roll out to “sausages” for arms & stick either side of the body with a touch of water.

Make a scarf but cutting out of coloured icing & cutting small slits at each end to form tassels, arrange on snowman’s neck area

Place head on, sticking down with a dab of warm water.

Make a “carrot” for the nose out of royal icing and stick on as shown.

To make his hat take some black icing and form a flat disc for the base & a chimney shape for the middle.

To assemble the hat place the middle part in centre of disc, then fold up two sides forming a top hat effect

To finish off stick hat on head then Pipe eyes and mouth with black royal icing.

But don’t forget the ultimate finishing touch !! i’m Talking about the Glitter of course ! 😉


Make a small pear shape out of black sugar paste & slightly pinch the top to make the face area

next make his two wings out of to balls of black icing pinched to form two flat oval shapes, then make the beak & feet as shown above in orange icing.

stick beak feet & wings on with a dab of warm water, then with a flat oval of white icing make and stick on stomach patch, finally too make the eyes use two balls of white icing and two smaller balls of black icing for the pupils, stick on with a dab of water.

Make a taller cone shape out of green sugar paste.

Make a tall cone shape out of green sugar paste for tree. To make the trunk make a small “barrel” out of brown paste & score sides.

With scissors snip downward facing “V” shapes to form branches.

straighten cone and shape branches so they stick out, then stick on trunk you made earlier with a dab of warm water.

with a bag of white royal icing pipe a snow effect around the tree…

while the icing is still wet decorate with coloured silver balls.

No xmas tree is complete with out sparkle, so don’t forget the glitter.

© The cake-shaker 2010


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