EEK! the spider BOO! the ghost

Here are two simple cupcake decorations for halloween, to make it easier I have set I them out in picture form, hope it helps ! 🙂

First you should bake your cupcakes using my simple Cupcake recipe, you will not need all the icing as the bulk of the decoration is sugar paste which you can get from most supermarkets. I stick the sugar paste decorations together using a small amount of warm water on a small paint brush.



Try taking a core out of your cupcake base with a small knife or apple corer and fill it with a red fruit compote or jam then covering the cake, so when someone bites into it they get a “bloody” gooey center oozing out.

Feeling adventurous ? when making Boo above ?

Well try this –

Keep a spare cupcake base, slightly soften with cream cheese and a bit of melted white chocolate, & a bit of fine lemon zest, until you have a pliable paste. roll into a ball and chill in fridge until set, then roll in melted white chocolate.

Use to replace sugar paste ball in BOO ! above, for an alternative white chocolate and lemon truffle filling

© The cake-shaker 2010


4 thoughts on “EEK! the spider BOO! the ghost

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  2. Mark, these EEK and BOO cakes are just brilliant, going to give it a try!! Will try not to burn house down this time. Can you do a bagel recipe??

    • Haha thanks milly, we don’t want any Halloween disasters as far as burning down houses is tho, but let me know how you get on 🙂 maybe in the future a bagel recipe will appear, but they are a bugger to make 😉

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