Carry on Screaming and all that is Halloween !

I used to love Halloween as a kid – even more then Christmas ! I don’t know exactly why, may be I was just a weird little boy and just needed the numbers 666 on my head somewhere, or maybe it was just a little less twee then christmas and I could dress up in some sort of cape – though I was never allowed to dress up as Fenella Fielding in carry on screaming. Sadly I had to make do with a sheet with holes in and be thankfull for it ;).  I never had a pumpkin to carve back in the day, they were exotic things to be had in the 70’s, it was a large potato or swede if I was lucky. I wouldnt scare off anything with that either,  just make the house smell a bit odd.

I always loved the night and was obsessed with what went on in the world during the hours of darkness. My favourite childhood book was ” The owl who was afraid of the dark” for its magical depiction of  the world after the sun has gone in and the world of darkness emerged, I would often beg to be allowed to camp out in the garden (IN A TENT PEOPLE IN A TENT, that sort of  camp I meant) ..hoping to hear something rustling about, or hooting, the nearest I got though was a rustling bag of monster munch whilst in my sleeping bag under canvas.

Even today I can still indulge in a bit of childish fun, heres me dressed as Sharon Osbourne.

These days Halloween is a bigger deal then when I was a a young whipper-snapper, and for me as an adult its more about the time of the year with the  brilliant Autumn colours and flavours , the sense of mystery about the encroaching longer nights and coming winter, & not forgetting the excuse to drink more red wine “to warm me up”.

So now I enjoy coming up with ideas to make halloween more exciting for kids and adults alike, and  have decided to post two simple ideas for cupcake decorations, and the only special piece of equipment you will need is a large round cutter.

So Click on the post for EEK the Spider & BOO ! the Ghost and have fun :).


© The Cake-shaker 2010  (updated photos from 2013)


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