Incredibly rich and naughty- to the point of dirty- chocolate fudge brownies ( And shh, it just happens to be Gluten free )

Here is a really fudgy rich brownie recipe. It is based on one given to me by a chef I worked with years ago, which  I’ve tweaked a bit and played around with, one change is I ended up using rice flour, instead of plain flour, it gives it a much “creamier” texture….& best of all is gluten free ! 🙂  I have also added a touch of cinnamon…don’t know why but does add a little something to the mix & always goes well with dark chocolate I feel. Make this recipe & you will end up with rather a filthy rich gooey slab of guilty pleasure: not one for the dieters amongst you, but hey, if you want to make your friends fatter so you look thinner next to them, make a batch and pop it around and watch them guzzle the whole lot! But beware as you take it out of the oven, the smell will be too much for you to resist I fear, and you will be seduced by the aroma of baking chocolate. Enjoy !!

Stack them, box them as a gift , or pick at it warm straight from the baking tray 🙂

You will need  :  A pan of simmering water

A heat proof bowl which fits on top of pan

A whisk

A baking tin: around 10-12 inches square and no less then 2 inches deep

Baking parchment, not greaseproof  (this sticks like the proverbial to fur)

The resolve not to stick your finger in the mix and lick it or smear it over your nearest and dearest !

Best music to listen too whilst making this is something French and saucy: maybe  Je taime by Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin. (yep its that sort of cake).


250g unsalted butter

320g good quality dark cooking chocolate

400g caster sugar

1 teaspoon of sea salt

5 Eggs

300g ground rice flour

2 teaspoons Vanilla essence

1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon.


Pre heat oven too 155c for fan assisted & 165c for conventional.

Grease & line your baking tray with baking parchment, making sure paper goes right up the sides.

Place your saucepan on stove and bring to the boil, then place on a low simmer.

Cut butter into pieces and place in heat proof bowl, break up chocolate and place on top of butter*, place on top of simmering pan and stir until chocolate & butter are completely melted.  * Always place chocolate on top of butter to stop it catching on side of the bowl & burning.

Being very careful not to touch the bowl (as it will be hot from the heat of the pan) and using an oven cloth, remove bowl from heat.

Whisk in the sugar until it is completely incorporated, then, add your eggs and whisk into chocolate mix. Finally fold in your flour.

Pour into your prepared baking tray and place in middle shelf of oven, & bake for 40 minutes. You can tell if its ready if the surface starts to crack slightly and flake a little. Don’t worry if it doesn’t feel very firm when you take it out of the oven, it will firm up when it cools down. If its too firm when you take it out it wont be as fudgy & gooey as it should !

when it comes out of the oven leave to cool right down, then cut into what ever size you want, nice squares or little bite size pieces you can nibble on one at a time.

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There are so many things you can add to this recipe, making it different everytime !

1/ finely grate the rind of 1 orange into the mix after flour has been added, then add the juice for a marvelous choc/orange combo.

2/ soak 200g of raisins in about 100ml of rum, preferably overnight, then sprinkle on top of mix before you place in oven, they will slowly sink through the brownie as it bakes, giving it an almost liqueur feel.

3/ Sprinkle over salted peanuts before baking for an amazing contrast to the sweetness of the brownie as you bite into it. Go that bit further and use salted cashews or pistachios instead, and serve as an apéritif with a nice glass of rich red wine…sod the threat of gout ! 😉

4/ Chuck in pinch of crushed dried chillies , that will shock the vicar when he comes around for tea 😉

Enjoy this recipe, and have fun playing with it, see what ideas you can come up with 😉

© The cake-shaker 2010


5 thoughts on “Incredibly rich and naughty- to the point of dirty- chocolate fudge brownies ( And shh, it just happens to be Gluten free )

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  2. Thanks for all your assistance Mark – the brownies went down a treat (“these are the best brownies i’ve EVER had” was one comment), and they were surprisingly easy to make. I was impressed that no whisking was involved.

    I think i’ve made a rod for my own back though as I’ve been nominated to make dessert NEXT Sunday too!! x

    • Fab ! glad they worked out…you can make them again but add something different…a handfull of shelled pistachios..pecans, raisins soaked in rum or the grated zest of 1 large orange, the list is endless 🙂

  3. Having just eaten one of these brownies I have to say that this recipe may even be replacing my own as my favourite brownie recipe… Even better that it’s wheat / gluten free so perfect for friends with intolerences and allergies!

    Fabulous Mark! Nearly as amazing as those Banoffee Portuguese Custard tarts of yours…

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