Well, here it is, my New York City Blog.  Blimey, where to start!                                                                            

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I went with My husband, Terry ( of course) & our two very dear friends, Sherry & her daughter Diana (Dee)  Terry & I have been before but this was Sherry & Dee’s first trip. I remember how excited I was the first time I went, and knew exactly how they felt: in fact, I still felt the same excitment about this amazing city  as I had the first time around !

This time I was on a mission: to check out as many bakeries and desserts in restaurants as I could, seeing as I am about to embark on a new venture by joining the team at Love Bakery on the Kings Road. I wanted to see how they do things across the pond, and see what lessons there were to be learned.

Terry and I met up with a lot of our old New York friends while we there, and they were very helpful in guiding me to the most fabulous bakeries, plus my husband had already researched some of the coolest new restaurants to visit, (actually about 10 months before we actually flew out- not too controlly, then ;))

My first port of call for all things cake was Dean & Deluca, which was just around the corner from our hotel (the truly fabulous Crosby Street Hotel).  I went to Dean & Deluca on my first trip in 2006, and made the same mistake I did then- I got my camera out and was pounced on by a member of staff who pointed to a sign which read “NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY OR FILMING ALLOWED!” I mean, why the heck not ?  If I wanted to spy I would just buy a

Dean & Deluca, great to visit but leave the camera at home !bloomin’ bun and dissect it in my secret cake lab, for goodness sake! Are their  cakes vampirish in nature: vanishing in a puff of floury ash at the mere flash of a camera? Another poor guy was pounced on just after me for excitedly  shooting  an impressive pile of flat peaches with his little digital Kodak.

Dean & Deluca is a marvelous deli with fantastic cakes! I did secretly take a pic of a display, but I am loathe to publish it for fear of reprisals form the gateau-police!

While we were there, Terry arranged for Dee to be interviewed on our friend Larry Flicks radio show on Sirius xm. Once we were all in the studio, I was asked by Larry to sit near a microphone, and much to my surprise, I was interviewed as well!! ( I ever so slightly nearly wet myself if truth be told) I briefly spoke about my work as a pastry chef, and also this blog, and my recent participation in the London to Brighton bike ride.  Afterwards, He played some of Dee’s marvelous tracks and spoke to both her and Terry about  music and writing. I was so nervous, but Larry &  co-host, Keith, were perfect radio hosts…even helping us relax by playing a tuneful ditty about a young lady wanted to smell a certain part of her boyfriends anatomy to find out if he’d been cheating on her ….marvelous 🙂

Another highlight was the four of us going to see the Burt Bacharach musical,  ‘Promises Promises‘ on Broadway. It was really amazing!! Terry nearly peed himself and certainly blubbed when Kristen  Chenoweth sang ‘A House is not a Home’ and I wasn’t far behind him ! Sean Hayes (Jack from Will & Grace) was a comic genius- and a great singer too!

Moving on, we went to an amazing fish restaurant called ‘The sea grill’ at the Rockeller Centre, just after we went to the ‘Top of the “Rock‘ ( where I did my usual thing when confronted by great heights: cling to a wall and frantically nod when asked if I was enjoying myself). This was a truly gorgeous restaurant, and would equal any Michelin starred restaurant in London… and the desserts were just heavenly and pure works of art!  And this was just lunchtime, so goodness knows what the dinners would be like- orgasmic!

An American classic, Key Lime Pie at the sea grill

Another Sea Grill American classic, Cherries jubilee, poached cherries, chewy almond pavlova with a scoop of Ameretto ice cream

Another Sea Grill delight. strawberries with poached rhubarb on vanilla shortbread with vanilla ice cream & strawberry sorbet

One of the things I noticed in New York was the impressive supply of cake decorating equipment and specialist stores. So much more varied and advanced than I’ve found in London, and indeed the UK in general.  I usually have to go on-line to get anything special, or travel quite a way to find it; but in NYC there was so much choice: exotic sprinkles, tins, moulds etc- I was like a kid in a .. err well, a candy shop I suppose!

I WANT ONE !! (its a chef thing) I found this in Sur la Table

I could have spent a fortune, but unfortunately I already had done In the many clothes stores in Soho, and I couldn’t get too much more in my suitcase (not even one of the cool confident handsome New York men I occasionally spotted- though that might have meant a lot of questions in the “nothing to declare” section at customs). My favourite stores were:  Sur La Table, on the corners of Crosby St & Spring St, and the Broadway Panhandler (because of the name and because they had a fab line in Betty White aprons 🙂

This display was like something out of Willy Wonka’s factory !! So many sprinkles and colours and sparkles in one place !

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2 thoughts on “THE CAKE-SHAKER IN NEW YORK (Part 1)

  1. Dean & Deluca how I miss that place!! When I worked as a lowly PA in New York my boss (a crazed 6ft tall Dutch lady archetect as-featured-in-‘Vogue’-magazine by the name of Winka Dubbledam – no lie) used to send me there whenever it was a ‘co-worker’s’ birthday. Everything in that shop was amazing though flans always seemed to be the birthday ‘cake’ of choice (a Dutch or American tradition? I never figured it out). If i’m not mistaken this is the Soho branch on Broadway that I frequented often. Oh the memories!!!

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